What Grout Colour Should You Choose for Porcelain Paving?

You’ve picked your beautiful new paving and can’t wait to see the finished result, but wait, your landscaper just asked you what grout colour you want! “Not another decision!”, you think. Well, don’t stress, we’re here to help you decide which grout will complement your paving and project for the stunning results you desire.

Colour Families & Colour Tones

When considering which grout to choose, it’s worth determining which colour family your paving is in. It is warm or cool? Beige, grey or black? This can help you decide which grouts will complement or contrast against your paving tiles and house. Choosing something in the opposite colour family, for example: using a cool grout, like our Ultra TileFix ProGrout Flexible in Charcoal against a warmer toned paving, like our Minstead Beige, can really add some dimension and make the paving pop. Whereas using a grout in the same colour family, like our Jasmine tone, gives a clean, more seamless look.

Exbury Grey Porcelain with Charcoal Grout
A good example of a mild contrast between paving and grout – our Exbury Grey with ProGrout Charcoal grout joins.

Ascertain whether you want to create a contrast between your paving & grout or if you want a more seamless look.

Generally lighter grouts lift the whole shade of the patio whereas a darker grout will do the opposite.

 Light, Dark and Everything In-between

To decide if you’d like light, dark or medium grout, you should first look at the colour of your paving and decide which kind of look you’d like to get. For example, choosing a grout that colour matches your tiles will give you a blended, seamless look. If you’ve chosen a lighter paving like our Exbury White, but feel it bounces a bit too much light, using a slightly darker grout, like our Mid-Grey or Charcoal grout, can tone everything down a little and provide a bit of contrast to avoid everything looking too ‘samey’. In comparison, choosing a lighter grout, like our Jasmine can add a pop of much-needed brightness to lift the colour of a darker slab and give everything a clean, airy feel.

Matching your Grout to your Garden Furniture and Brickwork

If you’re still unsure which grout to go for, it might be worth considering your house brickwork and grout, as well as the colour of any garden furniture or accessories you have in mind. Choosing a grout that’s similar to your house grouting gives a lovely blended, timeless effect. Likewise, matching your grout to the colour family of your furniture of any plant pots can help to tie in your look. Alternatively, choosing a contrasting colour can make a bold statement.

Need Inspiration?

To help you visualise how different grouts look against paving, we’re provided a few examples below using our Exbury Grey paving coupled with different grout shades.

4 replies on “What Grout Colour Should You Choose for Porcelain Paving?”

  • I have a very dark grout used on the my grey porcelain tiles. I would like to change it to a lighter colour is this possible?

    • Yes it’s completely possible. You would have to carefully grind out the existing grout first though which is an intricate job making sure you don’t damage the existing tiles but completely doable. Hope this helps!

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Sean – hope you got your porcelain grouted in the end! Just in case any other readers bump into this post we prefer an off-white or very pale grey grout with ivory coloured tiles. Something like the Ancient White or Silver Grey Mapei Ultracolor that we supply. Cheers!

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