A New Build Garden Transformation on the Kings Chase Estate, Romsey

Buying a new build is an exciting time. It’s great being the first people to move into a brand new building. You can spec the inside of the house how you like, enjoy all the latest mod-cons, and pristine décor and paint. The only downside? The bland garden! 


New builds are not renowned for their gardens. It’s a gripe we hear all too often. A few concrete slabs and a patchy lawn are about all you can expect – if that! And of course, you want the outside of your new home to match up to the inside. The problem of a bland and non-functional garden is exacerbated in new builds as the house interior is so perfect, it seems a shock to find the bare garden out the back. 


Over the last decade or so, garden design has become as popular as interior design. The garden has become an extension of the house, another room to relax and play. And during the pandemic we saw a surge in people investing their time and money in designing their dream garden space, tailored to their unique needs. 


The only problem is, when presented with a blank slate, like a new build garden, it can be hard to envision exactly what you want to achieve. If you’re looking to keep the budget down and create an attractive usable space, then we have a great range of affordable porcelain and natural stone options and we can help you form an idea of where your patio should be and how it should be laid out. On the other hand, if you’re looking to transform your garden into something truly special, we have a fantastic range of premium products to suit every budget and design. We can also assist you in any stage of your garden journey by offering our advice and expertise, and can put you in touch with a range of garden designers who can help you create your dream garden. 


In fact, this is exactly what happened with this project on the King’s Chase estate in Romsey. Designed by Joe Savage, built by Patrick Davis at Harbour Landscapes, and using our beautiful Whitemoor Silver porcelain, I think you’ll agree, the results are stunning. 


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