A Stunning Outdoor Kitchen Build Using Porcelain Paving in Southampton

What a beauty of a project this one is! In this article and accompanying video, we talk you through supplying our porcelain paving products for Sunrise Landscapes to create this stunning outdoor kitchen and entertainment space in Southampton.  

With the Covid-19 pandemic forcing everyone to spend more time at home, naturally, people have been investing in their homes and gardens to make their spaces more enjoyable to hang out in. The clients behind this project were keen to bring the inside outside and create a space perfect for both entertaining and relaxing in. So, we popped over to North Baddesley in Southampton to have a chat with the landscaper, Mitch, from Sunrise Landscapes and ask him how he helped the clients create this beautiful outdoor kitchen and achieve their dream garden. 

The Brief

The clients approached Mitch asking him to design an outdoor kitchen and dining area that felt like an extension of their home, including a terrace, outdoor cooking facitilities and a space for dining and drinks. Once the design was finalised, it was time for the client to visit our yard in Southampton to choose their paving. For the patio area, they were looking for a light porcelain that would not only compliment the house but project light and give an airy feel. After a few visits and comparing some samples, they eventually settled on our beautiful Barton White porcelain. For the kitchen counter tops, they were looking for something darker that would contrast against the patio paving, so chose our Clayhill Black porcelain. The selection of the Clayhill Black here was important as it’s a full bodied tile where the ceramic material inside matches the print finish of the top surface as close as possible – this element means the exposed bullnose edges of the countertops blend in. We think the two paving options look great together here, providing some different tones and textures to the finished project. 

Unlike with the paving, the clients wanted a grout that would match in with the porcelain to create a seamless, clean finish – opting for our Progrout Flexible in Jasmine for the paving, and our Black grout for the worktops. 

There are some lovely bespoke features included in this project, including the kitchen cupboard doors, which Mitch handcrafted himself. The clients were also concerned about the sharp edges on the kitchen counter tops, especially with having children running around, so asked us to bullnose the edges of the porcelain tiles and make them smooth and safer for the family. 

The finishing touches of the plumbed-in sink and pergola roof covering mean that this garden can be used throughout the season and in different weather conditions. 



We love being involved with projects like this and really enjoy seeing our clients get a wonderful space they can enjoy all year round. If you any specific needs for your project, or would like to discuss any aspect of your garden project, then please contact us – we’d love to help. 


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