Low Maintenance Paving Heroes

We know what it’s like. When you’ve had a crazy busy day at work you’ve barely got enough time to look after yourself and the family properly let alone worry about keeping that lovely new paving you’ve just bought in top condition. It can be a real worry. We’ve seen plenty of clients that have invested thousands in beautiful paving slabs only to neglect them and within a few years the patio is no longer the jewel in the owner’s crown, it looks more like the dirt in the owner’s boot. Our advice on this is if you’re time starved, be honest with yourself and be sure to go for paving that resists stains best and requires little of your time to stay beautiful.

Here's our pick of some beautiful low maintenance paving

If you want the gold standard in paving that’s going to withstand staining and long periods without cleaning and still come up fresh when you do eventually get round to giving it a scrub then you should look no further than exterior grade porcelain paving. Not only is it close to impermeable allowing it to resist stains very well it can also with-stand a range of strong chemical cleaners without discolouring. Additionally it doesn’t need to be sealed (although you may want to seal the grout between the tiles) which also saves you money and time on the maintenance regime. Luckily we have some absolutely beautiful porcelain paving options for our clients to choose from.

Exbury Grey Porcelain Paving
Exbury Grey Porcelain Paving
Minstead Beige Porcelain Paving
Minstead Beige Porcelain Paving
Vereley Dark Porcelain Paving
Vereley Dark Porcelain Paving

With porcelain paving being relatively easy to keep clean, especially if you give it a rinse and a sweep down regularly, you needn’t be fearful of selecting a light coloured paving design. Of course lighter colours will show the dirt more but a regular mini clean gets porcelain tiles nice and fresh again quickly. This ease of cleaning opens up a whole range of beautiful light designs like our Exbury White pictured below.

Exbury White Porcelain Paving

Our porcelain paving range is varied and there’s a design and size format to sort every build scheme. We’ve got more of these low maintenance beauties on show below. Click the images to find out more on each product.

Whitemoor Silver Porcelain Paving
Setley Black Porcelain Paving
Emery Grey Porcelain Paving