Shades of Beige

Light coloured paving is fantastic at making outdoor spaces feel light and airy. Brighter colours are known for this affect and if you have a northerly facing garden or just an area that doesn’t get much sun light using a lighter colour paving stone or tile is a great way to maximise light. As always when selecting your paving you should also think about how it will work with its surroundings – the colour of adjacent walls and the planting schemes should be considered. Various beiges are also used when trying to create a mediterranean looking space, so if this is your intention you should be thinking beige!

In this piece we show off our lighter coloured paving options to help you select the right shade of beige for your project.

Hale Beige Sandstone
Vereley Beige Porcelain Paving
Minstead Beige Porcelain Paving

For more inspiring paving selections check out our natural stone and porcelain paving lines.

Linwood Sandstone Paving
Linwood Sandstone Paving
Exbury Heritage Porcelain Paving
Exbury Heritage Porcelain Paving
  • Beige Porcelain Edging Setts 200x100Beige Porcelain Edging Setts 100x100
    £1.65£2.25 ex VAT
    ◉ Good Availability
    Free Delivery Over £500

    Our Beige Porcelain Edging Setts are a fantastic way to frame and finish porcelain paving terraces and paths.

  • Lymington-Beige-Limestone-WinchesterLymington-Beige-Limestone-Winchester
    From £45.00  / m2 ex VAT
    ◉ Low Availability
    Free Delivery Over £500

    Our Lymington Beige Limestone paving is a beautiful natural stone paving slab that exudes luxury. It has a sawn flat semi-honed surface with a cream beige colour tone, slightly tumbled edges and incredible markings and veins that are typical of this type of Egyptian limestone paver.

  • Ipley Beige 800x400 Porcelain Paving HampshireIpley Beige Porcelain Paving Lymington New Forest
    £42.00£50.00 ex VAT
    ◉ Fair Availability
    Free Delivery Over £500

    Our Ipley Beige Porcelain Paving is a white pale beige coloured ceramic outdoor tile with subtle marbling and veining within its design.

  • Balmer-Beige-Wood-Style-Porcelain-DeckingBalmer-Beige-Wood-Style-Porcelain-Decking
    £49.00 ex VAT
    ◉ Fair Availability
    Free Delivery Over £500

    Our Balmer Beige Wood Effect Porcelain Paving is a pale brown porcelain plank with characterful swages and markings to imitate aged wood.