Porcelain Paving vs Sandstone – Why This Client Switched to a Porcelain Patio

April 12, 2022

Do you go for porcelain paving or some kind of Indian sandstone? Our clients in this build were in the unique position of having previously experienced living with sandstone paving and knowing about how to look after it to ensure it looks its best. They actually grew tired of having to carry out the big spring clean every year to keep the paving looking lovely and decided to go for porcelain for the patio in their new house. They selected our Ipley Grey Italian porcelain and it makes for a very pretty patio we reckon. Hopefully they’ll have many years of joy out in this new space with their young family and a few more hours of leisure time each year as this paving will be easier to keep looking fresh 😍 Great work as always on the build by our friends over at Paul Cass Landscapes – http://www.paulcasslandscapes.co.uk