What is Tumbled Sandstone? English Cottage Garden Patio Build, Whiteparish

March 8, 2022

What is Tumbled Sandstone? How is it different to regular sandstone? Is Tumbled Sandstone worth it? How do they tumble sandstone? Tumbled Sandstone. Some people think it’s not much different to regular sandstone but if you look closely you can definitely see the difference 🧐 In this one we talk about the different look tumbling can give sandstone and how it can help you achieve that cottagey heritage feel to your paving project. It was this look that Paul Cass Landscapes had in mind when creating this lovely garden for a house in the heart of the village of #Whiteparish. It’s now a beautiful spot to sit and enjoy a cup of tea looking up at the clouds and birds going by ❤️🌿